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A revolutionary therapy to eradicate depression

Depression is one of the deadliest sicknesses of today’s world. Many people suffer from it. Some of them don’t realise that they are suffering from depression, some of them know that they are depressed, but they remain helpless with it while some people unknowingly treat themselves out of depression by gradually adapting to various environments and situations.

Depression nowadays is most common among the youths, between 25-35yrs of age. Usually, most people don’t see it as an illness; rather they see it as a sad phase of life. They make themselves feel guilty, hopeless etc. A bit sensible person goes for treatment. The most common treatment is consulting psychiatrist and gets medications and advice.

Nowadays there is a new treatment for depression and other similar mental problems. It is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS. TMS is a method of depression treatment which uses a pulsed magnetic stimulation of the nerves or neurons of the brain in the area which controls a person’s mood. It creates an electro magnetic current in the region of the brain which then makes the brain release neurotransmitters like serotonin which gets depleted when a person gets depressed. In simple words, neurotransmitters like serotonin are those who make a person see the happy side of things.


What is deep TMS treatment and therapy and how does it work?

Deep TMS treatment and therapy or Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-drug and non-invasive yet a very effective treatment for depression patients. The process of this treatment is as follows:

  • A coil which generated pulsed magnetic fields is placed on the skull
    This coil is capable of creating a magnetic field up to 4cms beneath the skull.
  • A changing electric current is generated first, inside the coil by the stimulator which creates a magnetic field.
  • This field then again creates another magnetic field inside the brain with an inverted electric charge.
  • The specific part of the brain is searched on the first session of the treatment by this process. That’s the part which controls a person’s mood and where the coil is to be placed. It is usually on the upper left part of the brain just near the part which controls the thumb.
  • Then the process of calibrating the doses start. It initially is a bit painful as it triggers emotions. The patient goes back to the causes of his depression and often gets sad in the process. This is nothing but stimulation of those moments.
  • The entire therapy is a 5- day session task for maximum 4-6 weeks. The first day, which is always harder than the rest takes about 1hour of the session, while the remaining days take maximum 30 minutes.

Deep TMS treatment and therapy is the safest treatment with the least side effects for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

The Best TMS Depression Treatment Centres around the globe

The technology for TMS treatment was initially developed in the year 2000 at NIH. In the year 2013, a company named Brainsway created an H1 coil which received FDA approval for use on patients with major depression. Many scientists and doctors came together to build up special TMS depression treatment centres throughout the globe for gaining expertise in the field and developing this revolutionary therapy treatment to its maximum level.

European and American countries are getting very advanced in this method of treatment. Asian countries are not far behind either. Some of the top TMS depression treatment centres are listed below

  • Achieve TMS East, Massachusetts
    Achieve TMS East is the best depression training centre at present. With its dedicated doctors and expert physicians and technicians, it aims to provide the best out of this revolutionary depression treatment.
  • TMS Centre of New Orleans
    Another top TMS treatment centre and most famous for its advanced technology in the field of TMS depression treatment. It got its ‘Express TMS’ cleared by FDA, which is an ultra-rapid, three-minute, non-pharmacological treatment for depression.
    Details of this treatment can be known from their official site.
  • TMS Centre of Nebraska, LLC
    Jeffrey Coffman, M.D., and Dianna Clyne, M.D. established the TMS centre of Nebraska for treatment of major depression patients. They have an advanced team and perform the therapy with the FDA approved NeuroStar TMS Therapy®.
  • Lindner Centre of HOPE, Ohio
    What makes the Lindner Centre of HOPE different from other TMS providers is its expertise in the field of treating depression. The result of this centre’s years of clinical research in collaboration with prominent academic centres known for experience in mental illness is its uniqueness and success. They aim to deliver the best of the best treatment for its patients.
  • The London Psychiatry Centre, London
    It is the first clinic in the UK to offer TMS treatment and therapy. As such, it has treated the maximum number of patients and thus is the most experienced clinic in the UK in the field of TMS and treating depression. It is a world leader in pioneering this highly effective, safe and non-invasive therapy to overcome treatment-resistant depression.


Thus, TMS as it is already now a proven and certified treatment for depression, it has become very popular and is advancing by leaps and bounds since the past decade.

Deep TMS treatment and therapy is now, the most preferred treatment in the Western part of the world. With time and advancements, the cost of this treatment is also getting lower so that as many as possible can avail this treatment therapy and get rid of depression. People now are getting aware of the fact that depression if not cured can be fatal too. With colleges and medical clinics promoting this therapy, it has become now a ray of hope for people who have lost hope for a cure in the level of consulting a psychiatrist.
TMS depression treatment centres are growing day by day. The team of experienced personnel in this field are expanding. The sole motive of these centres now is to expand all over the world and help those in need.

Developing countries like India too now have TMS centres, though they need more of such centres for now, even the few is way enough. One thing the centres now need to focus on is to spread the knowledge about this treatment. In this world of almost 6.5 billion population, hardly 20% know well about this treatment. Unless a person has knowledge about the treatment and knows its benefits, he/she won’t opt for the treatment.

Overall this therapy given by such clinical centres is a great revolutionary step in the world of medical sciences and betterment of mental health.